Forex Trading - Why Investors Love Trading Forex Currencies?

very day more folk wish to learn about currency trading. What's forex trading and why is it becoming so favored, especially among sole investors? Currency exchange is short for "FOReign EXchange." currency trading is sometimes called currency exchange Trading, Currency Trading or FX Trading.

The forex market is a money market where currencies of different countries are traded. Some of the most well liked currencies traded are:

  • Euro
  • United States Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen

Foreign currencies are continually traded. Banks and other official establishments help the trading of foreign currencies. Investments go up and down in worth based on currency exchange rates. Currency exchange transactions involve one entity purchasing a number of one currency in exchange for paying some another. Currency trading is highly favored, particularly with individual backers.

The most important reasons for this are following:

  1. Trading can be done independently from home
  2. Trades are placed at the push of a button and are activated instantly
  3. Trading is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  4. High volumes are traded making fills easy
  5. High volatility in the forex market makes for great profit opportunities
  6. Money management is easy with automated stop features
  7. High leverage accounts available
  8. Small capital is required to trade (some accounts can be as small as $100)
  9. Brokerage fees are a small, fixed amount
  10. Trading strategies can be totally automated
The forex market is an example of the biggest and most liquid finance markets around the planet. The typical daily volume in the world forex market in May 2008 was around $3 trillion. Each day thousands are wanting to learn currency trading and because of its booming popularity it continues to expand at the rapid rate of almost 40% every year.

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