Before we proceed any further

Before we proceed any further I want you to be aware that these methods can
be “High-Risk / High-Reward”. I don’t want to be a wet rag on your learning
enthusiasm but I’ve placed a “Warning” for you to read. Please consider the
“warning” which I am stating for your protection, but don’t let it scare you off
from reading the rest of this eBook… and from attempting these
techniques. Yes, there are some risks (as with any trading system), but for the
most part you’ll find that the risks are easy to swallow and the profits gained
by these methods are quite lucrative.
Have you ever watched a game of some professional sport such as football,
hockey, baseball, soccer or basketball? Surely you would agree that the
athletes have spent many hours (actually years) practicing and honing their
athletic skills before they ran out onto the field for the big game (the real
game). Before you trade with real money you too should practice practice
practice with fake money in a “demo trading account”.
By the time you finish reading this eBook you’ll likely feel confident that you
can successfully scalp trade. Chances are that you’ll probably be able to, but
just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do
something. You really do need to practice to gain proficiency as a scalp
trader.forex sato
You can read this entire eBook, study all the trading rules and trading set ups
presented, however there is simply something that I can’t teach you that you
can only learn by your own practicing. Being able to read the charts in real
time and being able to decipher & to make the decision whether to trade or
exit a trade requires what can seem like intuition. Once you are skilled at
scalping you almost appear to be psychic to someone sitting next to you.
The only way to develop this “intuition” is by extensive practicing. Once
you’ve watched your real-time charts long enough and have witnessed many
micro trends as they happen you’ll begin to get a “feel” for what the market is
doing based on the behavior of the real-time price action. Again, this isn’t
something I (or anyone) can possibly teach you within a book such as this;
you can only cultivate this “intuitive” skill by observing the live market.
This eBook will teach you the knowledge you need to know to be able to able
to scalp trade the Forex market, but, as any athlete can tell you, you need to
practice to develop proficiency. Many people have “knowledge”, but few
people have “wisdom” – wisdom is the result of the marriage of “knowledge”
and “experience”. Reading this eBook will provide you with easy knowledge,
but to develop the wisdom is completely up to you (clue: practice practice

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