For Forex Scalping you’ll need charts providing a live data feed from the
same Forex broker you are trading with (very important!). If you are trading
with FXCM then use charts provided by FXCM, if you are trading with
RefcoFX then use charts provided by RefcoFX (use this logic for whatever
broker you are trading with). It is important that you use charts using a live
data feed from the same broker you trade with because there can be slight
discrepancies between brokers than can negatively affect your trading.
For the purpose of scalping it is fine to use the free charts provided by your
broker as the free charts should have everything you need to scalp with. It is
however a good idea to subscribe to a paid version of your favorite charts as
you’ll have some more flexibility (i.e. having multiple charts open
The chart view you’ll be using most for scalping is the one-minute candle
view over 24 hours. Simply zoom in until you can clearly see the individual
candles. You will be using other views such as hourly and five-minute
candles for other purposes

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