There is no hype in this headline. This is the absolute truth. The following 13 secrets generated 992 pips net profits for me in 15 trading days.
1 do not over expose your account .maintain an account exposure of between 10% and 30%.

2 Always trust god to find and join the trend early. Always learn to test the strength of the trend with the ADX.

3 Understand your best entry and exit points using pivot points and/or fibonnacci retracements

4 Understand the key japanese candlesticks Reversal patterns.

5 Know when the market is down or when the trend is weak and trade accordingly or stay away.

6 Only use take profit according to predetermined market potential.

7 Buy in oversold markets: stochastic oscilliator and RSI can be used in determining this

8 sell in overbought market: stochastic oscilliator and RSI can be used in determining this.

9 Never entertain fear even when the market moves against you. If you have a good trading system., it will surely come back in your favour.

10 Do not be greedy: Show contentment in all things and this demon will be far from you.

11 Do not over trade: Learn to draw a line between over trading and fear.

12 Always pray before making a trading decision: There is always a guiding light from god if only you will trust him.

!3 Rely on the holy spirit for guidance. He is very dependable and will never leave noy forsake you if you surrender the battle to him.

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