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Today we are seeing many people starting to trade the Forex Market, as it is recession proof. It is also the most liquid market in the world, turning over in excess of $3 trillion every day.

So if you are looking to get into Forex trading then the most important step you can take is to find a great Forex Broker.

FOREX trading can be risky, but it does have huge potential for you to either make a lot of money or lose a lot of money. If you have been around the market awhile you will realize that not all FOREX Brokers are equal, and in fact some border being just plain rip off merchants. This can be a major turn off for many new investors, the fear of being rip off by a FOREX Broker. So how can you find a Great FOREX Broker?

So how can you find a Great Forex Broker?

The great news is that there are some awesome FOREX brokers in the market. A good place to start is finding FOREX Brokers as a referral or through a company that knows a lot about FOREX brokers.

Now if you don't feel comfortable with that and you want to do all the hard work of researching brokers yourself, then here is a list of things to look about when looking for a great FOREX Broker.

1. Forex Broker Tip 1: Make sure the FOREX Broker is validated the companies reputation- See what license they hold

2. Forex Broker Tip 2 See who the FOREX Broker is regulated with and make sure you do a search within the regulators to ensure everything is okay.

3. Forex Broker Tip 3 Check how long the FOREX Broker has been operating for, if it is a short time it maybe better to use someone that is more established.

4. Forex Broker Tip 4 See what the spread and or commissions that the FOREX Broker charge

5. Forex Broker Tip 5 Does the FOREX Broker offer stop losses, do they have guaranteed stop losses what are the charges and fees?

6. Forex Broker Tip 6 Does the FOREX Provider requite your orders? If the do stay away

7. Forex Broker Tip 7 What about slippage, if there is slippage find a better FOREX Broker?

8. Forex Broker Tip 8 Where is your money held? If it is not through a reputable bank stay away

Most importantly whatever broker you start with, start off small, test the waters these are just some of the research that CFD FX REPORT use when looking for a Great FOREX Broker.

Remember the real key to success a forex trader is education. The more knowledge that you have the more chance you have of becoming a successful trader. To continue learning a great place to visit is the CFD FX REPORT they offer a range of Free education lesson, free forums and they help you find the best Forex Broker .

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