Technical News

The sustained upward movement of this pair has begun to push the long-term oscillators, such as the daily chart's RSI, into the over-bought territory. This appears to be putting downward pressure on the price of this pair as it has begun to level off. As momentum shifts into a downward posture, going short with tight stops might be a good strategy.
This pair's recent drop in value continues to hold the price in the over-sold territory on the RSI of the daily chart, signaling upward pressure. While the momentum appears to remain downward, we may likely see a number of upward corrections throughout the day. Buying on the lows and selling on the highs of these fluctuations will be a good strategy today
There is a very accurate bearish channel forming on the 30 min. chart as the pair is now floating in the bottom of it. Currently, as all oscillators on the daily chart are pointing down, it seems that the downtrend will extend. Going short might be a good strategy today
An imminent bullish cross on the hourly Slow Stochastic suggests that an upward movement is on the way. As the price recently exited the over-sold territory on the hourly RSI, there may be only a small amount of momentum for this impending bullish movement. Going long with tight stops may be the safest bet for today

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