Japan Nov exports fall 6.2 pct year/year - MOF

TOKYO, Dec 21 (Reuters) - Japan's exports fell 6.2 percent in November from a year earlier, Ministry of Finance data showed on Monday, slightly less than economists' median forecast for a 6.5 percent fall. [JPEXPY=ECI]

Exports to Asia, which account for more than half of Japan's total exports, rose 4.7 percent from a year earlier, posting the first annual rise since September last year.

The trade balance came to a surplus of 373.9 billion yen ($4.13 billion), more than the median estimate for a 344.5 billion yen surplus. [JPTBAL=ECI]

Following is a table of the main figures. Economists' median forecasts are in parentheses: -------------------------------------------------------------- (Unadjusted, mln yen, y/y)

NOVEMBER YEAR AGO PCT CHANGE Overall balance +373,925 (+344,500) -227,505 n/a Exports 4,991,667 5,323,503 -6.2 (-6.5) Imports 4,617,742 5,551,008 -16.8(-17.9)

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