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Search Engine Submission

Since search engines (SE) and directories account for over 80% of the traffic that a website receives, your top priority would be to make sure that your site is listed with them. However, it doesn't help to be listed if your link shows up on the 20th page of search results. Before submitting make sure that your site is optimized for the best possible search ranking. While there are tens of thousands of search engines on the web, over 90% of the search engine referrals come from the top four search engines (see figure below). They include Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL Search. Needless to say, it is absolutely crucial that your site is listed with these giants. Although you really don't need to submit your site to them (their spiders will eventually find and index your site), it does not hurt to make sure that your site gets queued for indexing.Although there are many online services and software packages that can quickly mass-submit your site to large number of search engines and directories for you, you should submit your site manually to the major search engines. Automated methods are susceptible to errors and glitches that may prevent your site from being accepted. If you're opting for mass submission, be wary of companies offering to submit your site to "50,000 search engines and directories". Chances are you'll be paying an exorbitant fee this service, and most of the advertised "50,000 search engines and directories" will be useless free-for-all link pages and spammers masquerading as search engines

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