ATC Brokers — U.S. ECN Forex Broker ptc

ATC Brokers — U.S. ECN Forex Broker

ATC Brokers — U.S. ECN Forex Broker

ATC Brokers is a new Forex broker whose description was added to my site today. It’s a regulated U.S. broker, registered with both NFA and CFTC. ATC Brokers offer ECN Forex trading with the low variable interbank spreads (usually — 1 pip on EUR/USD) but they also charge commission per trade since the spread doesn’t compensate their services. This broker offers both MetaTrader 4 platform and Currenex (the advanced ECN platform) for traders to choose from. The trading with MetaTrader can be started with $3,500, 1:100 leverage and mini-Forex lots, while the Currenex platform would require $35,000 minimum and will allow only standard lots on 1:50 leverage. The deposit and withdrawal methods are very limited with ATC Brokers — they accept only wire transfers and checks

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