Diseases overweight fx b

Diseases overweight

Medical research shows that children are exposed to diseases as a result of obesity and physical inactivity and poor nutrition. Scientists have conducted studies on the causes of sudden death to many teenagers and children, found that 60% of whom were suffering from fatty deposits in the coronary artery which pumps blood to the heart. It should be noted that one of every four males and one out of every eight women suffer from such deposits, which bode ill for atherosclerosis. The study proved the International Society against the arteries. The study proved the International Society for the fight against obesity that 155 million children between the age of ten seventh with an excessive increase in weight, and from 30 to 45 million of them could call them the status of obesity. Most of the children did not exercise any activity that helps them to gain fitness. The lack of movement lead to obesity, and many of the diseases of the heart and arteries. Here comes the role of parents to change the lifestyle of their children. Parents may think that the solution is to establish a strict diet of obese children and to overcome that problem Insahk doctors, including the following: First: codified hours watching your television Statistics has shown that 90% of children who suffer from an increase in weight, watching television for more than two hours a day. If we add to the time spent on computer and video games, we find the time to sit without movement is more and more. The children also tend to eat while watching television, especially Muslyat fast food and high caloric intake. To reduce the time spent by your children to television, allow them to watch their favorite instead of sitting down to watch all his silver screen. Second: promises your child to exercise an early age If you play with your child after reaching the first year that's hands and help him to stand or left him to move freely in the courtyard of the house, it will exercise sports such as football or golf, remains away from the specter of obesity when it becomes; proving that exercise begins in childhood. Parents also should encourage their children to go to school by bicycle or on foot, rather than drive the car. Third: do not neglect exercise during the study Research indicates that children's physical fitness to fade as soon as the leave and go to school; where most of the time spent sitting on the seats, and moving only in the lunch break. Not to mention the time allotted quotas for physical education in schools is very low. This contrasts sharply with the scientific consensus indicates that at least an hour a day of sport is essential to the health of the child, and the strengthening of memory, and increase its capacity for innovation and organization. Finally, the paediatricians to maintain your weight does not reflect positively on the physical health but also on psychological health; where the child feels confident of his own that would utilize him Ieiroh or obese, and become more active and able to play and participate in many activities that can not be Exercise with overweight

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