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What is indisputable is that pornographic sites are now the main target of many Internet pioneers in the world, and that the owners of this trade are sparing no effort to achieve widespread and prolonged, although research has shown that 15% of the attendees these sites are hampering the development of the behavior of their lives and cause them problems Sexual and psychological, and it reduced the concept of life in this context, and created a false vision made Visitor addicted fantasy of this kind of relations, and dispensed by the marriage, thus weakening the role of partner in life in general, and the creation of married life full of problems and control features of remorse. The figures proved that pornographic sites have a very high income, net surfers, when the search for the word (jRnjRnjRn) in the search engines you show the following results: Google 269.000.000 yahoo 99.500.000 alltheweb 33.547.731 altavista 53.771.876 hotbot 18.812.469 On the Arab level, one of the research centers inventory lists Arab pornography on the Internet and found it to (171) list, the least number of members of those lists (3) members, while the number of the most (8683) as a member, and sites that were found to contain Arab lists the "Globe I" (globlist) has been included (6) Arab lists pornographic, while the number of lists on the Arab (Altubika) to five lists. And pornography on the Internet pages visited 280.34 visitors per day, a page receives more than 20 thousand visitors a day, and there are more than two thousand pages receive more than 14.000 visitors per day, and really be surprised if we know that one of these pages of pornographic received in only two years, 43.613. 508 visitors, also found that 83.5% of the pictures circulating in the postal groups are pornographic images. The question now .. Is pornography sites have already been through these figures to change our perception of intimate relationships? Do we see a change in this form after the emergence of such sites on the Internet? The event was actually a change in our view, why should they succeed in the composition of our sites are? What are the pros and cons of this new vision and its implications on the reality, and how we shall impact of these negatives to be able to return to the starting point? On the ground P say. B. P (social specialist 58 years) were married, while only the beginning, we approached our perception of each sex - simply - in a single phrase: "the same animals have sex, then it is very simple," and indeed that was our perception, and that does not deserve All this effort is that concern, but we were safe, which is for young people these days, we were satisfied with what we are even found us does not like his wife was sexually maximum ordering that the amendment does not like, and was implemented, there was no making Take the matter all these area of our lives as we see today, as well as we fill our day concerns of different head and meet the demands of our children are not deprived of anything, and confirm that he has not seen any of his peers at the same age a lot of talk in that order, however, found that the observer To pornographic sites or channels. The "rare" (teacher - 28 years) finds that pornographic sites have formed his view of sex and before satellite pornography, and affirms that the only solution to reduce the perception and understanding of electronic, is that we stand with ourselves and ask why different Ikabbalna on these sites on the West Iqbal It? And trying to "rare" answer to the question raised by the listing through its relationship with a known American girls on the net by saying: identified the girl through the pages Ll (Chat sexual), and after I finished with all the intimate dialogues on the relationship you ask me who you are and what your interests ? Halt the dialogue did not tell her why Adre person serving more than 12 hours a day to pornographic sites and satellite channels? Then I had found my life empty and knew the answer to the question which they know are We do not know, so I decided to resort to a psychiatrist and although this did not give up on the viewing date. And whisper "n. And" (university - 22 years), they discovered that most of her friends watch these sites and do the nationality of talks almost a daily basis, but believes that girls in the composition of its view of sex are those who hear them more practical experience rather than sites, and stresses that Of experience through these sites in our cause mental illness, and prefers to rely on scientific sources do not rely on sensationalism, and through the natural stages consistent with age. The negative aspects of the wholesale Consistent visions of previous negative impact of such sites with the vision of "Alvin Cooper," a sociologist, found through his seminars on the treatment of addiction to sex fantasy that 15% of the attendees of pornographic sites on the Internet are hampering the development of sexual conduct their lives, and exposes them to sexual problems, either Due to excessive masturbation, sexual or because of isolation, so that the computer is safe sex fantasy. Comment "d. Mahdi Mohamed," Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Damietta Al-Azhar University, saying: Before watching those sites or provide any information window pornography there were two types of perception about sex: The first: the type of vague Amorphous owners not keen on strengthening the mental vision Or mental perception of the special relationship, and this is far from the kind of sex education which were not thinking of taking owners and little time. In the view of "Mahdi" Some individuals in this category were not owners of a clear vision even in the form of genital each of the sexes, The second type is not only naive to imagine some scenes and fantasies are proving one of the sexual relationship and practice, and both occurred in a very problematic Complex after seeing pornographic sites, collide When the owners of these sites and their materials revealing scenes were not beyond the imagination in their minds, so with the assistance of various science and light audio input and output, processing and dynamic talk show, Attitudes, and different perception and moved to the perception of excitement filled heat, Lounge chairs lie these sites thought that this is the sex and this is the nature of the possible - indeed only - to be applied in practice, while this is untrue Valjns attendees at these sites is a procedural, meaning that there are things and rituals and steps must be taken to practice , Regardless of whether such practices and rituals possible or not possible, so we have incomplete and distorted perception of the process of nationality, The answer, light, directing and training all these things available to makers of such kind of movies available on the hard ground for whether the relationship is under the umbrella of legitimacy or Illegal. The view gained from sites with pornographic Mokhtzla understanding of life, where sex is made the focal point of life is more evidence that it is impossible, but look out of life that a visitor to pornography sites, sacrificing most of his time to see the temptations in the scientific rated of these sites, creates this vision Mstgnea wrong to make it out of reality, but sometimes prefer masturbation to a computer that cohabiting with his wife, and this is the excitement associated with the machine, it is this man not be raised only through a representative picture subsidized lights and sounds address electronically, thus weakening the role of partner in life Sexual level. And concurred with his view "d. Rashid Mohammed," head of sociology ethics Assiut, which believes that the start of marry young highlighted the negative aspects of those sites, and that this association is to be legitimate without enthusiasm, but desperately social, psychological and clear; because of them know that Will not achieve what it wants to be sexually, including those who thought that that reality will fall to the e-reality life after marriage, but shocking and socially boomerang, quickly thinking of divorce or live a life full of marital problems and cold-studded features remorse. The "Rashid" the perception of the sex that young people acquired sites habitue pornography socially unacceptable because they turned their eyes to women in the physical components only, what are the only (and to explain the stems) Vdhaa the true meaning of the presence of women, which of course hampered life and weighing of the party The other co-operation citizenship to seek to satisfy a partner in various ways. He points out that this perception of gender-mail often get you up to the point of addiction, concerns the "center of consolidation" in the brain that amphetamine at the visual perception, which makes a visitor to these sites are further away but returned to Mstaca offset for remoteness, become he is compelling viewing Can not resist, and therefore reduced in other areas of life, and that reliance on pornographic sites in the formation of a correct understanding of sex or look for a sound that is complex and disadvantages in bulk. The new reality Dr. "Ahmed Abdullah," the teacher assistant psychiatry, University of Zagazig .. Ferry we originally miss any idea of the intimate relationship, and we have no understanding of the origin of the items of our lives, and that this relationship is one of life items, like recreation and social workers, achievement and success, it is essential human need for the human, and we - as a community east - miss Already this vocabulary, and especially the right perception of that relationship, so when we found that these sites provide us with this important tributary and generously and without any obstacles, it was natural to be the source of our concept and practice of sex but of his life. In the view of "d. Abdullah," to portray sex to contain the situation and exciting new methods and introductions burning is not wrong, according to his vision, these matters must strive for innovation within the context of control and a reality of our lives properly, but we had to bring those sites in Ooukatna The problem of different traditions, habits and customs. It is here confirms that our sex will not be valid only if a reality created a sound health Ntsag us with ourselves, we will solve this problem only if the young man closed the site and pornography is to be done, and close social television program, only then will have put himself on the road Sound, there is no escape from the control of these sites on the minds only by building an integrated life; we in the governance of the dead already, and the community to lead a campaign calling for the marriage of young girls and at an early age and college-age and not publicly, so as to avoid all those problems and distortions and contract diseases Psychological community is piling up so helpless in the face. And end his wondering: Which is easier? The implications of early marriage? What we see or obligation to visit the sites of destruction of the value of sex and a sense of, and perhaps the drift towards homosexuality, misperceptions and thus refrain from marriage or already dealt with despair?

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